Clippers response to NBA franchises that may be on the move

by on Jul.19, 2010, under ALL, NBA

There are some franchises that are not doing so well and others who just may think that going elsewhere may be a better move.

I have heard that the Milwaukee Bucks are having some problems. В Mostly with their arena, but there are lots of rumors out there.

One that I heard is that there is a owner that wants to bring them to Southern California (Orange County Area), but that the Clippers owner Donald Sterling will not let it happen because it will devalue the Clippers franchise immediately if there was an OC team. В You can’t really blame Sterling because it does make sense. В I’mВ surprisedВ the Clippers have the support that they already have based on their performance. В The team has such potential but always makes the wrong moves.

But you have to give the Clippers owner lots of credit for running the Clippers team as a business. В He has has one of the best stadium leases in the league. В At Staples center, the Clippers pay just $1.5million annually for their lease of the building. В That’s $37,000 per game! В If they sell just 10,000 tickets (50% occupancy at staples), they just need to sell the seats at $7.50 to break even. В Their actual average last year was over 16,000 in attendance per home game. В Just based on those numbers, what a deal!

It is reported that the Clippers have made over $140 million in profit since moving into the Staples Center in 2004. В In the same time period, the Lakers have made $322 million in profit as a comparison. В Not bad for the Clippers eh?

Recently the Kings owners were up in Seattle trying to find out why getting a new stadium lease and the franchise failed to remain there. В The Sacramento Kings have been rumored to be potential movers as well. В You can count on them not moving to the Southern California area, and potentially Las Vegas as they are usually supporters of LA sports teams as well. В I’m sure Sterling will be pushing against it.

The “Donald’s” (not Trump) strategy in his real estate business has been to buy and hold forever. В Supposedly the team had a $1 billion offer for purchase, but was turned down by Sterling. В Is there any amount of money that will persuade him to sell his Clippers team? В It really doesn’t seem like it.

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