Appraise and score your domain before you buy it

Before you start investing in domains you need to evaluate them to determine how much money you should spend, there are many tools and websites that will score or appraise your domains. is by far the easiest, and straight forward website to use, they not only score your domain, they also analyze it and tell you how they arrived at that score. They point out the positive and negative factors which affected your score. Another great tool on the website is the Score Simulator, which allow you to use sliders to simulate how other factors can affect your score. You will be able to see how your domain score compare with others. Evosix has a limit of 50 domain scores per day per IP address. Other websites like appraise your website and give it a monetary value, they limit their queries to 5 per day. These tools will help you save money and help you avoid overpaying for your domain.

Saving money on domain name registration

Domain names are the names that you type in your browser when visiting a website such as,, and When you have a business idea and need to build a website around it to sell a product or service, the first thing you need to do is search for and register a domain name, an example of a domain name would be or Godaddy is one of many registrars that offers domain name registration for about $14 per year. Once you have searched for an available domain name you will be asked to pay for the first year, you can choose to pay the full price or enter a promo code and save anywhere between 75% to 90%, promo codes are available on the internet, here are a couple of websites where you can find them:

You want to look for those $0.99 per year or $1.49 per year, copy the promo code and apply during the registration check-out process at Godaddy, if it does work try another promo code, one of them will eventually work, sometimes Godaddy will show that the promo code was applied but doesn’t save you anything, it’s OK, try another one, you can try as many times as necessary to save yourself some money, there will be no repercussion against you, your domain, or your account.

Once you complete your domain name registration process you will essentially have a “business entity” on the Internet and own the domain, you will have to renew the name every year, and every year apply a promo code.

All you need now is a website. Look for promo codes, coupons, and deals, during every stage of building your Internet business and enjoy the money savings.