How to reduce car maintenance and repair cost

Mechanical equipment in general deteriorates with time, the main reason is friction, heat, and the environment such as air, temperature, and humidity. Cars and trucks are no exception, after many years of driving they start to deteriorate, performance isn’t the same as when you first bought it. However following these few simple recommendations you can keep your car in top shape, and save money on repairs and maintenance.


Oil Change

The engine and transmission are the two most important part of your vehicle, and the two most expensive to repair if they fail. Keeping them well lubricated will prolong the life of your vehicle and reduce or even eliminate repairs. Changing oil at the factory recommended interval is crucial.If you have an oil leak get it fixed immediately, an engine or transmission cannot run properly at low oil levels, and will fail without warning, leaving you stranded and with a large repair bill, in addition to towing costs, taking time off of work, and frustration. In brief change your coil frequently and repair oil leaks.


Wheel Alignment

Getting your wheels aligned (not to be confused with tire balancing) is important to keep your tires running on their entire surface as opposed to being at an angle, which will not only speed up tire wear, but could also cause an accident.


Tire Pressure

Driving with un-inflated tires causes your engine to work harder and use more gas, your tires will wear off much sooner, and your car will not corner correctly. Check your tires once a week using a simple tire pressure gauge you could find for about $10, and will probably last you longer than your vehicles.


Car Wash

Although it it important to keep your windshield and side mirrors clean for safety, a clean car makes us feel proud of it. Check the weather report for rainy days, and avoid washing your car the day before or during those days. Find an inexpensive car wash, or if you can wash your car yourself at one of those personal manual car washes you could probably do the same job for half the price.