Money saving tips at the grocery store

How to save money grocery shopping

There are two important things you should do before going to the grocery store, which should help reduce your bill and save you money in the short and long term.

1) Have a good meal before going to the grocery store, this will prevent you from buying unnecessary foods and products, I’m sure you’ve heard that shopping while hungry will lead to excessive and unnecessary buying, the food which will stay in the fridge or cupboard for months, and eventually go to waste.
2) Prepare a list of food items you need, do not buy in bulk as you will overeat, or will throw away after expiration. Buy for a week, or maximum two.

Now that you are at the grocery store there a few things you can do to save money.

Only buy groceries for the coming week, some people buy for a month and sometimes more, food will end up staying in your fridge for months, expire, and you will throw them away, this is a waste of food and money.

Buy good quality foods. Junk food will cause you digestive problems or worse and you will end up spending money on over the counter medication, and in some cases medical bills, doctor visits, prescription drugs, time off of work, etc…

Foods which are on sale are usually about to expire, or of not such great quality, again think about the quality of food vs quantity. It is better to pay $5.00 for a small steak, than $25.00 for a package of 10 large steaks. Cheap food is cheap in quality and you will end up paying the cost in medical bills.

Buy heavy duty grocery bags and reuse them, this will reduce cost for the grocery store, or you if you have to pay for them.

Your trip to the grocery store should be planned on the way back from other trips, this will save gas.

Finally do not let advertisers and coupons dictate what you are going to eat, you will eventually go back during the week and buy the items that you wanted in the first place.

How to buy electronics at a discount

Stop and think for a moment.. Two years ago, the latest and greatest electronic device just came out, everyone rushed to buy it, it was state of the art, it was the best, and people stood in line for hours, even days, to get their hands on one. Now fast forward to the present, the same electronic device is considered old and slow, the screen not state of the art, and the cool factor has dropped by about 90%. Why is that? Well for one, marketing is a huge contributor to the cool factor, two years later you no longer see your product being hyped or talked about between friends, in fact you see it sold by the hundreds, at prices that will make you feel you got ripped of in the first place, and we’re talking brand new units sealed in packages.

If you are buying electronics every year and can afford to rid of or sell you previous model at a great discount, this article is not for you, if you are like the rest of us, who don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, or simply cannot afford $600 for a device that will be considered obsolete in a couple of years, then this article is for you!

Electronic gadgets are wonderful, they are pretty, look cool, and are mostly useful, you can make phone calls, access your email, stay in touch with your friends, take selfies, buy concert tickets, find a nearby taxi cab, check the weather, and much much more.. So why do they cost so much, and why are people always looking to buy the latest version of that same device, even though their current one works just fine, and at one point was considered THE best?

Without getting too psychological about our consumer society let’s just say that people respond well to marketing, in fact they respond so well that the companies making these products are making insane profits that they themselves never dreamed of a few years go, and to step out of that circle of consumerism is very difficult, you must really be special to accept that the device you bought today will serve you for the next four years, and in fact why not? It is fast, it runs a huge number of software, it takes photos, and pretty much does the same exact thing the new one does, but it looks old, is worn out and scratched, the screen is cracked in the corner, and the battery no longer holds a charge.

Solution? Buy the same model but brand new, they are out there on auction sites for a fraction of what you paid for. Think about it, the same device you thought was so wonderful a couple of years ago, brand new, packaged, for half the price? Sounds tempting does it? Well it is, and guess what many people do this, they actually upgrade to a previous model, brand new in a package, that is the smart thing to do, that is the sensible thing to do, and you will save a ton of money and will be very happy with your product. So what if your friends own the latest? Will they have enough money left for entertainment? What about paying for subscriptions to their favorite online game? Going to the movies, concerts? They most likely won’t, they are likely to stay home, staring at their brand new device, scrolling between screens, you on the other hand are at a concert, sending them a selfie, and yes with the older model.


Auction sites tips and tricks

Ebay and auction sites in general are excellent for finding products at discount prices, you can buy virtually anything at a discount and often get free shipping, you would be surprised to find that buying soap in bulk can save you $100 per year if you have a family or three or more, that’s a $100 you can use to buy movie tickets for example (also at a discount), or simply deposit the saved money into your savings account. Sometimes these discounted items are limited in quantities, and with millions of users shopping at any time the trick is finding these discounts before everyone else does, and one way to do this is to search for a product with a Buy It Now option and sort results by listed most recently, this will allow you to see products as soon as they are listed, thereby giving you the advantage and allowing the opportunity to buy that product at a discounted price. You can also setup email alerts for products which you normally buy, such as soap, cleaning products, cereal, virtually anything that you normally use, and that can be shipped without the risk of damage.

When searching auctions most people look for ending auctions, for famous products you will see many bids and chances are the price will reflect the market price. Another method is to search for products using misspelled keywords, for example if you are looking for “automatic watch”, search for “automatic wacth” instead, some sellers inadvertently misspelled the title or description and many people only buy products by clicking through categories instead of searching by keyword, they will not find listings with the misspelled title, and if the price is right you will have the advantage and buy a product at a discount.