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June 2-4, 2012 Discover Financial Services: A Inexpensive Bet on the Retrieval.
Information from DailyFinance: In certain respects, Discover Financial Services (NYS: DFS) was a casualty of its own package of services and products. Unlike conventional creditcard giants Visa (NYS: V) and MasterCard (NYS: MA) who have company descriptions that seem to be copied and pasted from other investor relations pages, Discover has its own palms in many.
June 2-3, 2012 Korean Creditcard Firms Seek Partnerships Abroad. Local charge cardholders and issuers pay tens of thousands of thousands of earned each year as commission and exemptions into the multi national creditcard giants. Visa.
Reports from Fox News: NEW YORK. If a significant bank s credit score has been cut, it copes with a mental blow вЂ" into clients, both the general public and monetary markets. Therefore Thursday s down-grading of 1-5 of this world s largest banks is nearly sure to cause huge concern. Most residue are totally secure, however, the downgrades indexes thousands of line item credit card transactions and creates a forum for individuals to discuss mysterious charges.

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Recently Spotted Transactions

  • It's from Delta toner refills. If you bought ink refill for your printer, that's what the charge is for.

    Mary on Jan 20, 2018

  • These people charged my debit card for some ugg boots never received them

    Shaxinyu j on Jan 20, 2018

  • Charged my card twice in 15 min on a gas station in Playa del Carmen Mexico.And two days later once again.

    Dmitry on Jan 19, 2018


    GERARDO BERMUDEZ on Jan 19, 2018

  • Ditto. Two charges of $79,95 one in Dec one in Jan made against my Bank Account by Future Health Care Centennial Co. Does anyone know if the Bank is Liable? Who do we contact legally to stop further theft?

    Antoinette Carr on Jan 19, 2018

  • I've discovered a charge too. Could in fact be a parking fine, but I have no idea as the company did not contact me about it. 27 nov 29 nov AUTO EUROPA MULTE-FINES PALERMO IT 73,20

    RPB on Jan 19, 2018

  • Stripes Store #2193 5000 Padre Blvd South Padre Island, TX 78597 United States

    GreatLakesSurfer on Jan 19, 2018

  • I cannot find contact details to see why money is going out my account on my Visa card to stop this its occurring every 2 weeks and I haven''t brought anything...keep taking money from my Account

    Yatie on Jan 19, 2018

  • ?

    AAD- MAIN CHECKING on Jan 18, 2018

  • Guys/ Gals, This is for the bar in the middle of the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, FL. After checking all the scam sites, I also thought it was not legitimate. But once I found out the exact source, I remembered. I guess too many people are busy counting their losses to remember they used their card for a few drinks! Likely, it is legitimate, so think basck before needing to cancel your card.

    Gary on Jan 18, 2018

  • Unfortunately they hit me twice before I realized it. I woke from sleeping, looked at my phone just as the transaction happened! Bank closed my card immediately!

    Arly R on January 12th, 2018 9:03 pm on Jan 18, 2018

  • Do not have any reason or recollectiom on why this charge should be on my credit card bill. Will complain and request refund through my bank.

    RSR on Jan 18, 2018

  • PCPD, LLC is the legal company for the website and brand "Undercover Condoms." It will show up at a "healthcare" charge on PayPal. They use this to ensure patient privacy.

    Barry Allen on Jan 17, 2018

  • £69.99 taken from my account on 13th December for renewing my driving licence (which is free!!) no licence received from you scam artists. refund immediately!!

    Daniel Somerville on Jan 17, 2018

  • Smiths store #4358, on W. Sahara, has had dozens of fraud charges in cards being run there since 2014, it seems. This has got to n store employees. My credit card was flagged by my banks fraud Dept., thank God, after someone SWIPED my card # there for hundreds of dollars 3 times in the last 48 hours. Whoever you are, be warned. Your days of theft are numbered!

    Andrea B on Jan 17, 2018

  • NO

    Byron Waterman on Jan 17, 2018

  • tim hortons at cineplex FAMOUS PLAYER 9406QPS

    Mike on Jan 16, 2018

  • Pitt Student Health Services - The Pharmacy in Nordenberg Hall

    Carrie on Jan 16, 2018

  • No

    Vickie Langston on Jan 16, 2018

  • Stop charging my debit card IMMEDIATELY!!! Failure to do so will result in criminal charges against you. I have notified my bank to stop debiting my account for the $36.41 you have beendeducting from my account without my permission. CEASE YOUR ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES NOW!!!

    Bruce B. on Jan 16, 2018