Where to buy movie tickets at a discount

If you are a movie buff or take your family and friends to the movies, there are a couple of ways to save money on tickets. Long gone are the days when most people could afford taking their families to the movies, now it can easily cost you around $100 to take a family of four, this includes tickets and snacks. Here are a few ways to save money on movie tickets.

Membership Savings

Costco and other establishments sell tickets for about 20% savings when buying in quantities of 4 and in some cases even when buying a single ticket. If you are a AAA member you can save 35% on movie tickets, and an added plus is that you don’t have to wait in line. Another way to save money at the movies is to go to an early or matinee session, you can save you up to 20%, that’s enough to buy a snack at the concession stand,  and we all know how expensive those are, or you can simply pocket the savings and walk into the theater with a big smile. Taking your family suddenly costs $70 to $75 instead of $100, that’s $25 to $30 savings in a single day!

Double Features

Some theaters offers double or triple features at the price of a single admission, sometimes there are restriction on the day of the week, or if the feature is a hit movie, find out in advance what days the offer is valid for, plan your movies ahead and get there early so you won’t wait in line, these theaters generally do not sell tickets online.

No so new features

There are theaters that play a month old features, so if you missed a movie that is no longer playing in big theaters it could very well be playing in these smaller theaters, at a very very low price, and sometimes popcorn is included. These theaters January not be the latest and greatest with fancy lighting and modern decor, but when the lights are out and the movie begins it no longer matters.

Essentially, going to the movies doesn’t have to be an expensive experience, especially if you go often or have a large family, search online for deals in your area and you will find them.